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Good evening everyone,

After a long Hiatus I am back and ready to do what I love to do: Write about anything and everything. I hope you have all survived without a little sample of me every week. I hope everyone has had a great Fall and a good start to what looks like a very cold Winter.

I have put my book on sale in the Amazon Marketplace. Here is a link there if you want a fun read to curl up to on these cold nights: “Welcome to Heretic Valley”.

If you have a topic you would like to know my opinion on or news about my other writings let me know in the comment section or find me on twitter @HereticValley. I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for enjoying the things that I put on here and trust me there’s more to come. Have a great night.
B. McGee


The book, Welcome To Heretic Valley, will be on sale for the low price of free. I’m doing this in hopes that people who wouldn’t normally try a fantasy/adventure book will give it a try. I hope everyone will share this with those who they know would enjoy a good read in these cold and rainy days. Here’s a link to where it can be purchased: and then search for the title. Thank you for the support.

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