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…and it continued…

 The man with the evil eyes was short, plump, and he kind of waddled when he entered the room. He kept his greasy smile plastered on his face. He must’ve known something that I didn’t. As he casually rolled into the room I checked the restraints once again; I was still in them. A wishful thought crossed my mind; this was just a dream, a nightmare that would wake me up just before my heart would stop beating. Unfortunately, it was not the case. It was real: the blood, the chain, and the evil penguin were very, very, real.

My capturer settled on the wall in front of me, leaning against it without a care in the world. This was a normal day for him, or that’s what it looked like anyway. He wasn’t at all appalled by what he saw. A man chained to the floor, bleeding, and waiting for his sentence. He was the judge and I was the felon. Let’s hope this wasn’t my third strike.

                “Hello,” the penguin squawked, “my name is Benjamin Strong, but don’t let the name fool you; I can barely lift a full glass of red wine.”

As he finished his sentence, his smile was stamped back on his face. He was trying to lighten the mood, but the only thing I need lightened was the chain on my limbs.

                “Why am I chained up?” I asked him directly, not wanting to waste anymore time.

                “Because you pose a threat to me and my objective if you were not subdued.”

                “Why am I a threat to you? I can’t remember the events that led up this. I’m hoping you could help me with that.”

                “You, my dear sir, are a threat because you are a good guy and I am a bad guy. It’s very simple really. And you are in your present state because you interfered with my plan. You left me no choice but to take drastic measures.” He finished talking and once again that cheesy smile surfaced. I could see him in the western days, lighting up a long cigarette and inhaling it with a smokers ease. He was calm, cool, and collected…and short.

It’s frustrating not knowing what happened before. It makes it very difficult to assess the current situation I was in. I would be guessing to think I was just in the right place at the right time, but no one has gotten the best of me like this before.

My head still hummed, but my blood had stopped running. My arms were numb from the position in which they were hung. My shoulders burned with the pressure and my feet ached with the chained wrapped so tightly around them.

“Where are my shoes? Were they a threat to you as well?” The menace in the short frame chuckled; it delighted him to have such a conversation.

“Your shoes are on the street where we snatched you from. They fell off in the fight. You took quite a hit and still stood, so another hit was required. The force was tremendous, probably why you can’t remember. I wouldn’t steal your shoes, and in case you were wondering, your jacket is in the corner, in the dark.”

I was wondering where my pea coat was; it was my special coat; my only coat.

                “How long does it take?” I asked.

                “How long does what take my good man?”

                “How long does it take to wash the green off of your skin from those cheap ass gold chains?” I must’ve hit a nerve, there was no smile this time.

A red dot appeared on my chest and slowly tracked its way to my special area, my sensitive area, my please sweet mother of Mary don’t shoot me in my balls area. I flicked my eyes to Benjamin Strong, my capturer, the bad to my good, and I waited for the command.

…to be continued…

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