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The season officially starts at 4 am et and although it is early and the game isn’t on US soil, it still makes me feel good inside.

I can smell the freshly mowed green grass cut in it’s diagonal pattern already. So what if it’s in Australia. It doesn’t mean the grass won’t be as green or the dirt won’t be as dirty. The baseball season is here and for a stay at home Dad it doesn’t get much better than that.

All of the big off-season moves are about to be judged for their on the field success. Will Robinson Cano carry the Mariners offense to the next level? Will the Yankees extremely expensive Japanese star, Tanaka bring back a playoff caliber team? Many questions have been asked and it’s about time that they were answered.

There’s no better day way to spend an early Spring day than at the ballpark. Everyone’s wearing the hometown colors, the hot dogs are freshly seated upon the fluffy buns, and the announcer over the loud speaker can barely contain his enthusiasm. Many people would argue opening day should be a national holiday. I don’t know if that should happen but I do know the giddiness that happens to me every year confirms one thing:  baseball is America’s pastime. I can’t wait until I here…….batter up!

Go Giants!

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