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For one day only you can get my book for free on Amazon here, “Welcome To Heretic¬†Valley”¬†Not everything on this day is a trick, treat yourself to something awesome and free. Thank you for everything.

To all my nerds and procrastinators out there it’s finally time for you to get going. The final countdown is upon us. A mere 24 hours left to download your digital copy of, Welcome To Heretic Valley on Amazon. Go to and search for either my name, Brian McGee or the title, Welcome To Heretic Valley.

Thank you to everyone who has done just that so far and to those of you who haven’t you better hurry. In the words of an old, wise being–“Fly you fools.”

The book, Welcome To Heretic Valley, will be on sale for the low price of free. I’m doing this in hopes that people who wouldn’t normally try a fantasy/adventure book will give it a try. I hope everyone will share this with those who they know would enjoy a good read in these cold and rainy days. Here’s a link to where it can be purchased: and then search for the title. Thank you for the support.

……There will be no new short stories from Wes anytime soon. Why? Because I’ve teased my faithful readers for far too long. The full book is now available for purchase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here’s a link that will take you where it’s available. It’s only for e-readers at the moment but I hope it will gain some momentum and soon be available in old-school book form.

I hope you all enjoy it and please share with everyone you know.
Thank you to all


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