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No matter who says it or where I hear it, if I hear the phrase, “It’s Summer time”, I immediately think of DJ Jazzy Jeff and & The Fresh Prince. It’s one of those classic songs that brings me back to a time where every little thing in my life didn’t give me stress or a in the least a certain amount of uneasiness. The song came out in 1991 and I was turning nine at the time. So for 25 years that song has stuck to me and has made a permanent home in my brain where there’s not much room to begin with. I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation how the melody of something can bring up the emotions you were feeling at the same time of first hearing it or maybe I’m just a huge pre-2000 Will Smith fan.

Listening to music has always helped me whenever I needed it. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket with a magnet but I can always count on the beat of a song to breath life into my day. I watched my 6yr old put on headphones and listen to music the other day and wondered what his song would be. He still has plenty of time of course and he’s six but as the Summer time starts and he continues to grow I might not have as much time to wonder as I thought.

Please, share your thoughts. It helps me.

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