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About this time Santa Claus is putting the finishing touches on his route around the world, elves are shining up that beautiful red sleigh, and the reindeer’s coats are thick and ready for the frosty night ahead of them. Hopefully all of those kiddies who wrote to the Jolly Man have been good all year long and not just a month before, because we all know from experience that there’s no fooling the Bearded Wonder.

That unbridled enthusiasm for Christmas that children have had been lost on me for a long time. It wasn’t until I had a child of my own that the joy came back to me. I’ve always secretly hated opening gifts from people that don’t know me as well as they would like. It scares me. Luckily for me I met a woman who took the time to get to know me better than anyone else in the world and now gets me the perfect gift every time. And in turn we make Christmas a special day filled with awesome presents and quality family fun with our son.

I love giving gifts. I do. I do. I enjoy shopping: online and in person. It’s one of those signs that I’m getting old or that I am old and I’m having a hard time believing it. There are those who think “the Holidays” shouldn’t be about gifts and what not and they’re right but I want to give those that make my year an enjoyable one something to say thank you and I know you well enough to give you something other than an iTunes card. It’s a part of the process for me. I can only enjoy this month with the loved ones by my side and the wrapping paper flying all around.

The only tradition we really have is on Christmas Eve. We invite all of the family over to enjoy in making cookies for Santa, hot cocoa, a set of new pajamas, and watching “A Nightmare Before Christmas”. I look forward to this every year. It was my family’s first tradition and hopefully when my son is older and changing what he considers fun I hope this day is still something he enjoys. And I hope you and yours enjoy the things that bring your families together and enjoy the fun that the Holidays should bring.

Celebrate the conclusion of another year but look forward to the New Year.



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