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Monthly Archives: November 2012

To all my nerds and procrastinators out there it’s finally time for you to get going. The final countdown is upon us. A mere 24 hours left to download your digital copy of, Welcome To Heretic Valley on Amazon. Go to and search for either my name, Brian McGee or the title, Welcome To Heretic Valley.

Thank you to everyone who has done just that so far and to those of you who haven’t you better hurry. In the words of an old, wise being–“Fly you fools.”

If you haven’t already, now is the time. Get, Welcome To Heretic Valley, for perhaps the lowest price possible, zero dollars and zero cents. Tell a friend, tell a co-worker, and tell anyone who wants to enjoy a detective/fantasy/humor style book with a fantastic lead character. Here’s one review:
“McGee has developed a narrative voice reminiscent of the great detective noir of the past. Wes, the protagonist, had me laughing with his dry sense of humor and ever pessimistic outlook on the world. Of course, it didn’t hurt that his sidekick, a spunky and smart Boston Terrier, shares his sarcastic outlook. McGee has done a good job building the mystery city- Heretic Valley and weaving characters into complex relationships which keep the reader sitting on the edge of the chair. This is what all heroes need to be – a real person, with doubts, who makes a mistake or two along the way. I am anxiously awaiting for Wes to come back in the next story of the series.”

I hope you all enjoy and please comment, give feedback, and like the amazon page. Thank you.

The book, Welcome To Heretic Valley, will be on sale for the low price of free. I’m doing this in hopes that people who wouldn’t normally try a fantasy/adventure book will give it a try. I hope everyone will share this with those who they know would enjoy a good read in these cold and rainy days. Here’s a link to where it can be purchased: and then search for the title. Thank you for the support.

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