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Abruptly, my dream ended, as most dreams do. It wasn’t much of one to begin with, but it had been comforting. It had slipped through my fingers and escaped my feeble attempts to regain its warm embrace. Simple, dark, they were always dark, but never the same. This one had felt strangely familiar; it felt welcoming.

I opened my eyes. My head was pounding, as if my heart grew ten times in size and my temples were the drums to which it beat. The left side of my face felt slick; a drop of what I hoped was sweat, fell into my eye. My sight started to focus, but there was nothing much to focus on. I was in the middle of the room. Cement walls on every side I could see, a small light beamed in the far corner next to the door. Instinctually I tried to wipe the fluid out of eye. I couldn’t move my arm. I tried the other one. Chained to the floor, on a cement slab, my body lay in a crucified position, except no nails through any part of my extremities…not yet anyway (I’ll take that as a good sign).

Blood. That’s what’s in my eye, not sweat, but blood. I knew it felt too thick. I tried to scan the rest of my body the best I could. My t-shirt was ripped and stained with something all too familiar. My jacket was nowhere to be found and the same for my shoes. Who takes someone’s shoes?

It was cool in this room, most likely a basement or cellar of some sort. There could be hundreds of buildings, abandoned and withering, that have rooms like this one. They call them kill rooms. I think in my case its torture-first-then-kill room.

My memory still wasn’t all there. I clearly had been hit hard, but it looks like I put up a decent enough fight. I wonder how many of them I took out before they got me. I think 50 sounds about right. Yes, 50 men and or women; I’m no chauvinist; women can be bad too. If you’re shooting a gun at me, your gender is the last thing I’m worried about.

I wasn’t going to lie around and wait for my kidnappers return. I centered my will and power into the end of my left wrist, hoping to blow the lock on the chains that held me. With a push of focus I sent the burst of energy out of my hand with an audible pop. The chain slammed upward but fell back down on my wrist…hard. It didn’t feel very pleasant. A new idea, a new idea, I need a new idea.

Thump-thump, thump-thump…someone was about to grace me with their presence. I just hope they would fill me in on what my mind was keeping out. I settled back into the coldness of the cement and saved the strength I had left. There was no use fighting the chains when the person who had the key might be coming through the door.

My blood had started to dry and my heart still beat against my head, but it was still beating nonetheless. I was alive for a reason; I might as well find out why.

The door lock turned and unlatched with a metal on metal sound. The knob turned and pushed open. Cautiously, a shape entered my concrete chamber, assault rifle at the ready, behind him another man emerged; the man flashed a smile but his eyes gave away his nature–it was evil–he was evil.

…to be continued…

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