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I left my home and vowed to never return, but now i’m back, proving you can’t trust anyone in this place–even me. It’s not my fault, though, destiny is a conniving bitch. I wish I had the template to my whole life story, but where would the fun be in that. I’m back for a reason and a reason I’m still only mostly aware of.

The valley has become dark with deceit, envy, and blood…lots of blood. There’s no silver lining here, well, other than myself, my sidekick Gizmo, a brown and white Boston terrier, that keeps me company, keeps me sane, and keeps by my side so I won’t run off screaming. The darkness seems to expand every moment. It’s my responsibility to stand in its way and beat it back into the corners of the world where it belongs. I have power, more than I know of and I have enemies, more than I can count.

This IS my destiny. It’s time I started to embrace it.

Enjoy the ride.

If you like these short stories please visit Amazon for the full, 300 page book.

Please enjoy my site. You can scroll down to view all of the posts based on the month. I’ve started writing about more than my book and my character, Wes. I have now included writing topics about major league sports as well as games and game reviews. I hope you enjoy my work and thank you for visiting.



  1. I think that you rock, but you know me I love the Sci-fi action

  2. Good job, Brian! But you already knew that:) Keep it up. It’s good to have some good Sci-fi to be interested in. Go, Wes!


  4. Awesome stuff! The intrigue and suspense are a delight and leaves me wanting more! Bring it on! Bring it on!

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